Who We Are

At the intersection of tech and fashion, UNIQKNITS™ is the brainchild of four founders. Our deep background in engineering, fashion and business development led us to take a fresh look at performance fabrics.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to bring relief to those suffering with Raynaud’s and other circulatory problems including arthritis and hypothyroidism.

We’ve created a fashionable glove that can act as a therapeutic device. It’s easy to wear, inexpensive and works. If you have circulatory problems, we hope you’ll find these gloves put an end to your painful and throbbing fingers without making you feel like you’re wearing a medical device, or look like a “ski bunny”.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best performing gloves on the market
  • Our deep experience in electrical and textile engineering, fashion design, and business development gave us the insight to create a new technology and turn it into a great looking glove that will keep your fingers warm.
  • Commitment to this project

What We Do

You’re probably familiar with the types of performance fabrics that focus on athletic endeavors – such as wicking sweat from your body. We wondered what would happen if we applied next-generation fabrics to improving the circulation in the fingers of people with Raynaud’s and other circulatory problems.

After months of testing, we think the results speak for themselves.

Meet the Team

A distinctive blend of fashion insiders and technology execs – Our team consists of four founders who are eager to apply their deep experience to a product that helps others look and feel great.

George Szekely

George is an experienced executive with a successful track record in high tech businesses, both here in the US and globally. He is the Managing Member of the Company.

An Electronics Engineer by training, George started his career in semiconductor packaging and testing, which led to his involvement with high speed, high precision automation equipment, both from an engineering and a business perspective. As General Manager of the Tyco Electronics Automation Group, with offices in the US and England, he established a global assembly equipment business by internal
development and by integrating multiple acquisitions in the US and the UK. As Regional Director for Asia-Pacific from 2006 to 2009, based in Shanghai, he led one of TE Connectivity’s Business Units for the region, with an emphasis on scaling up for growth in China.

As a generalist, George is known for connecting the dots which others do not even notice, enabled by his global leadership experience and background in general management, strategic planning, business development, and engineering.

Gabor Stein

Gabor is a successful serial entrepreneur who brings a wealth of technical knowledge, business savvy, and entrepreneurial experience to the company.

A Textile Engineer who graduated from schools in both Europe and the US, Gabor has set up multiple apparel manufacturing companies in his career. He has worked for the DuPont Company as a development engineer and later for Malden Mills, as head of R&D for the apparel division.

After being employed for eight years by Malden Mills, he built and launched Empire Textile Corp., a state of the art vertical manufacturing complex, which ultimately employed more than 1,500 people. He also played a key role in helping sell the facility and company to General Mills Inc. After the acquisition, he continued to oversee company management and operations, as the company’s President for another ten years.

Gabor’s experience in all aspects of the apparel business will help insure that New York Knitworks’ products meet the highest manufacturing standards possible.

Sid Estreicher

Sid has decades of experience in product design and technical product development, as well as in manufacturing, both domestically and abroad.

At Liz Claiborne, Sid evaluated prospective factories based on anticipating future designer requirements and the factories’ ability to meet those demands at the quality level necessary. Later on during his sixteen-year tenure at Liz, as Director of Research and Development, Sid set up and managed a knit development studio that enabled Liz designers to develop their garment concepts before sending them to overseas factories.

Sid’s vision in product development helps New York Knitworks position itself at the intersection of high tech and fashion.

Herbert Quinn

Herb has had a successful career in sales, including his own sales and marketing organization. Although he started in the garment industry as a men’s sportswear buyer, he quickly moved into sales with such notable companies as Malden Mills and Kandahar Sportswear, finally becoming President of Leonardo Strassi.

Following this Herb built his own sales and marketing company, primarily servicing the military. His business represented some of the largest and influential companies, such as Donkenny, Kellwood, Geoffrey Beene, Oscar de la Renta, and Capital Mercury. Herb also played a major role in the “Gift with Purchase” business, making products with The Limited Stores, Coty (including Calvin Klein), Victoria’s Secret, LaPrarie, and Liz Claiborne.