Newly Redesigned and Improved Twist Ultra Liners with UNIQKNITS™ Self Heating Technology

Newly Redesigned and Improved Twist Ultra Liners with UNIQKNITS™ Self Heating Technology

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46% Olefin/20% Acrylic/17% Polyester/15% Nylon/2% Spandex

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Tired of having cold hands? Frustrated that your fingers are constantly in a state of discomfort? Have you tried various glove liners and been disappointed? Good news, you are in the right place to find relief! Next generation UNIQKNITS™ Ultra Liners are a revolutionary solution that offers the best glove liners on the market! UNIQKNITS™ Ultra Liners incorporate high-tech fibers that work together to harvest, generate, and retain heat. We use 3D knitting technology to knit seamless liners which improve comfort and strength. Next generation UNIQKNITS™ ULTRA LINERS are a high-tech solution resulting in great gloves for cool weather or air conditioned environments, and also for those that can't wear wool! During extreme cold winter weather, use our UNIQKNITS™ Ultra Liners under gloves that you already own to create maximum warmth and comfort. By combining our technology with standard gloves, you’ll get the best gloves for Raynaud's sufferers or anyone that wants hand-warming gloves. They’ll feel like a cozy blanket right on your hands! As a bonus, these thin warm gloves feature touchscreen technology, so you can use your mobile devices and stay connected without taking your UNIQKNITS™ Ultra Liners off.
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